You deserve to be happy: Not just ‘fine’ happy but really and truly happy.

You deserve a life and business that don’t burn you out or drain you, but actually nourish you, your heart & your soul.

As a creator, writer & empowerment coach, I’m here to remind you of your power.

Your power to make decisions with un-shakeable clarity.

Your power to break out of any rut and make the changes you desire in your life & in your business.

Your power to truly & deeply heal whatever holds you back and blocks you.

Your power to transform your blocks & obstacles into sturdy stepping stones forward.

Your power to declutter old emotional patterns so you get un-stuck.

 You deserve to enjoy the success you create in your life & business: inside & out.

With 8 years experience of coaching one to one, running group programs & coaching circles,

I’m confident of your ability to create the life & business you want.

Hi, I’m Brona!


I work with with soulful Dreamers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Healers & Creatives.

I help them strengthen their powerful solid inner foundations upon which they create their desired success.

After all, what is the point of success in our lives & businesses, if we don’t get to enjoy it, right?


WARNING: This is one subject that I am truly passionate about.

In many ways I feel like I’m breathing deeper than I have in a long time when it comes to that topic.

I’ve thought about what we talked about in our session today, and it’s followed by a natural, restorative breath. Brona, you are such a gifted healer. I wouldn’t be me without your guidance!

Jaclyn Jones

Chicago, Teacher/ Writer

The experience was unlike anything I imagined could be possible.

That is what stands out the most– the uniqueness of your approach.  As someone who thinks very much about my personal and spiritual growth and has previously gone (and enjoyed therapy), I’ve never had a breakthrough as valuable as our time spent together.

Liz Tran

NYC, Yoga Devotee & Film Producer

I wanted to let you know how motherf**king POWERFUL our session was.

It’s brought up more in me than I ever imagined.Thank you for being amazing and helping me open doorways inside of my soul.  Your work changes lives.  Changes my life.  So, um, THANKS FOR THAT!

Eve Ellenbogen

Stand Up Comedy Artist, NYC/ Melbourne